wow. snow.

snow. i won’t discuss the snow. it’s there. it’s wet and white and cold. so very cold. i am sure there are a multitude of snow and winter blog entries that no one ever reads. so i won’t contribute to the wasted bandwidth. oh, but i sure have done just what i set out not to do. like stubbing your toe in the dark. you don’t intend on jamming your toe into the credenza, but you sure as hell do.
old men from other states up north will tell us texans stories that seemed to come from the worst survival movies.”oh, this is nothing. you should have seen it one year. snow up to my forehead. 20 people died in that blizzard. yup… i lost two toes from frostbite.”
as if we’ve never seen blackened toes and spinning tires. i’ve read the world weekly news, i know of such things.
by the time i came home it was all but melted… only around long enough for people to call in to work and make snowballs. but that is what we do, when given the gift of snow. especially when it is in texas. where the summer days are so hot they melt gi joes on the pavement.
texas is a state of constant flux. we have the sheer honor of being home to tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, near tsunami proportion rainstorms, and the like. snow is almost never in this family of meteorological wonderment. but there we are- to the left.
it’s not even worth mentioning, really. it’s just snow.

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  • Anonymous

    OK, I hafta post a comment here, because, thats what I do!
    I remember when I lived in Texas, near Dallas, in the mid 1980’s, and it snowed, it was white, cold, and slippery.
    Thanks for the reminder of the extreme contrast to the “usual “Texas weather.