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upstairs and alone

fist pounds against metal
she staggers into it
it opens and she is there
shaky feet as she yells
the half empty bottle
spilling out
onto the front step

she confesses her sins
and stands there
hoping for embrace
and release
of a forgettable
night of sweat

that aroma
seeping from her
throat as she slurs
and kisses and
and touches
her invitation is
all too hard to ignore

her body is warm
and her heart is cold
yet still my arms find her
i kiss her forehead
the night so dark i dont
see her face as
i leave

i hope and wish
for more
that her breath will
not sting my eyes
that she will not
curse me for spending
the night in her bed

but the music is
heart on fire
her closeness
with conditions
her love
was casual