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Banana boxes
filled with books
and journals
sit outside the door

Garbage bags
stretched thin
with clothes
and twisted hangers

Dusty frames
off of the wall
in a twisted tower
they lay

Ready for the jump
divots in the carpet
holes in the walls
empty closets

It will all make sense
even if it’s confusing
and new

They cry for their life
they smile for the new
they hold hands
and journey ahead.


  • Anonymous

    So, you’re moving in together???insert smile here

    And write more, how are long lost friends suppose to know what’s new in your life(since you haven’t emailed with questions wink wink nudge nudge) if you don’t update your blog.heh


  • Jeremy Jay

    Just a poem. About people… things. I tend to put other people in the experiences. It makes it easier to tell a story… that way it’s happening to them and not me. It gives me some distance on it so I can be the narrator… and not the autobiographer.


  • Anonymous

    I like both styles of your writting,however;you tend to put more into the autobiographical.Bringing the reader through each emotion and curve of experience.You should share more.Just an opinion though.

  • Anonymous

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