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he sat in the dark
wiping back the tears
spinning the gold on
his dry finger
wondering why it had
to be this way

she had always
been there
since they were children
holding hands
laughing at the world
praying for the best

their skin thinned
in their age
children grew old
but they had their
souls to appease
the fading memories

young and pigtailed
slender and spry
they took on the world
with youth and love
kind and patient
wonderful and decent

building their world
as they needed
wanting only
for each other
they were love
the purest form

he poured his heart
into her dying breath
holding her cold
frail aged hand
aching for more time
feeling her pain

his head against
her shoulder
to look into her eyes
as the sparkle he loved
sank into the dark

so he sat in the dark
shaking his head
feeling for his love
rolling the pristine
gold on his finger
asking for more time

j. jay-