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This might turn into a habit.

My daily Wikipedia browsing took me to the ‘Comics’ portal. I read ‘Blankets’ a long while back, and noticed it listed among the graphic novels. I read that Craig Thompson had written it to put on paper the feeling of laying next to someone for the first time. I would agree with others in saying that he succeeded.

I thought of the first time I was in love… laying with someone. Hearing her heartbeat, feeling her chest rise and fall under my arm… contentment. I’d never even had sex with her. I put my head in her lap. She sang to me, ran her fingers through my hair, and just loved me. Then we laid there wrapped in each other’s arms. In the dark… whispering and sighing. We would lay like that a lot, and just talk about what we wanted out of life. Like Craig and Raina, we didn’t end up together. But I’ll never forget that first time we touched each other. I didn’t even know her last name, but she wanted to sing to me and run her fingers through my hair.

Of course, I’m sure it wasn’t as intimate and amazing as I’d like to remember. We were kids, and kids in love SWEAR that no one has ever loved like THEY have loved. No one understands their love, no one will ever write or sing or know the love they share. Their love is the alpha and the omega. But for the few months we were together it was the most intense- the apex of my romantic life. All I had to reference it to at that point was… well not much.

But I suppose that’s what teenage romance is all about.