poems,  poetry

take me home.

darkness that is almost
one red hot dot.
a car passes by
and I see the curve
of her body.

I can see her
and that scar when we
got drunk and smashed
bottles behind the
drug store.

she takes a long drag
and tells me that she
can’t do it anymore.

it’s not high school-
we aren’t kids now.

she pretends that she wants more,
that she wants to go to college
and wear a lab coat.

she just wants to steal
oxycodone from work.

I think back to that night.
When she kidnapped me.

took me to the lake
sitting on a picnic table-
hearing soundgarden
and weezer
in the distance..
from her white Merkur.

beers and shots
came out in the dark
I can’t see what
I’m drinking

‘take me home’ falls out of me.
I can’t handle the unknown.

I go back
to when we would
walk home from school
in the 5th grade.

It’s not the same.