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Snow. In April. In Texas.

I woke up this morning to snow. Well… fluffy ice. You’d think that we as Texans would be used to the most unusual weather. 80 degree days in December. Thunderstorms in August. Snow in April. But of course we still point and take video of it as if it’s Bigfoot. It didn’t stick, and it stopped and started all day. If it had been December, we’d have a glossy sheet of white all over the lawn. Being April, it just melted as soon as it hit the patio.

Snow is great. Snow is great in Texas. It’s like the aunt that comes to visit, gives you $50, and leaves. Nice to see- a fun surprise, and then you forget it ever happened. Good ol’ Texas.

That’s about all I did today. Oh, and I’m forever working on a drawing. More to come probably.


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  • Anonymous

    It snowed here too.Two days before it was 80,then it dropped to 40,then it snowed.It is Spring isn’t it?