I read a book!

I bought ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ by David Sedaris on the advice of a Barnes and Noble employee. I never talked to this person, but their name was Robin and it was one of her Picks of the Week. I pictured Robin walking the shelves and plucking this book from the shelf and embracing it. Reading it from cover to cover during her lunch break, raising an eyebrow and giving a succinct impromptu review.

I could see the other names of employees that had chosen books… their names attached to philosophy books (Enid), photography of still life (Stanley), and a manual about grooming your poodle (Martha). All lofty goals as far as I was concerned, and I’d not be bothered by taking pictures of dead squirrels or of the correct way of tying pink bows on ears.

I’d hoped that the books would fit the person. The poodle book was selected by an older woman that worked there part time, and loved her little yippy mess to the point you would like to strangle them both. The still life book was by a guy that thought himself to be the next big thing, and that his selection was his contribution to enlighten the world. I would have liked to meet these people and ask them why they chose that particular book.
If they were anything like me, they would have closed their eyes and spun around in a circle, finger outstretched, until they got dizzy and their finger pointed to a random book. Also, were they like me, they picked the book and then not read it. “Oh, there’s a great part where this guy… he’s standing around… with a shirt and… you know… hair? It’s hilarious.”
So 6 months later I finally finished the book. If attention spans were real estate, I’d have an empty lot. Midway through reading it, I bought another David Sedaris book. ‘Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim’ was my motivation to finish the first book. ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ was a great read. Sedaris is always the one to get noticed doing things everyone else gets away with. His cynicism is equal to mine, with a lingered sense of compassion. Sedaris’ family is unmatched in oddity and personality. A great, easy read. It only took me 6 months.
I’m halfway through ‘Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim’, and it only took me 3 days.

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  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone read anything other than “The Godfather” anyway? Good lord! Oh, maybe the Bible is readable too….but seriously, other than that? Nuh uh.