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Food Haiku.


happy box on shelf

contents may not have settled

prize is on the top



hot and gooey cheese

stuck to the top of the box

no tip for you, pal.



warm soft tortilla

filled with meat and spicy love,

belly hurts so much.



crunchy orange goodness

in ranch they are amazing

and now not healthy.



food of fat orange cat

popular italian dish

noodles from china



oranges are tasty

pineapple is really good

kiwi is fuzzy.


Corn Dog

hot dog wrapped in corn

mustard is the best on them

ketchup, not so much.


Chinese Food

better the next day

fried rice and orange chicken… yum!

chopsticks take practice.


Ice Cream

sundaes and milkshakes

versatile cold frozen

don’t get a headache



beef, chicken, tofu

veggies, crackers or noodles

but it’s still just soup.



fried till golden brown

Homer Price used a machine

that flung dounts out


Chili Dog

when I was a kid

I would eat 4 at a time

bellyache for me



leafy crisp and green

topped with so many choices

now it’s bad for you



Tiny or quite large

Have they been deveined and peeled?

That’s just too much work.



cooked to perfection

seared on a red hot skillet

use a butter knife



cold and thick with skin

easy to make in a bowl

in pies thrown my clowns



sandwich or salad

no flavor until you add

at least seven things


Mexican food

many different things

cheese, meat, beans, lettuce and sauce

it’s all the same thing