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I was one of those that would profess to never purchase a Bluetooth for my phone. “I don’t want to be THAT guy that walks around with a tiny thing attached his ear- talking to himself in thin air and ignoring everyone around me.” Yet, here I am at the computer with a dark blue, shiny, blue LED flashing piece of splendid gadgetry glued to my ear. It’s convenient and small. It works with my media player. I can voice dial by pressing one button. I am sure that later, when I am used to it, I will walk out the door without my phone. My brain will register that I can do all of this from my Bluetooth, so why the hell do I need my phone?
I am always one to embrace technology, gadgets, the newest, latest, greatest of almost any field of consumer toys. But, I do wait for a certain time until the bugs have been worked out, the updates have been shipped in the next release, and I can get this new hotness for a reasonable price. But Bluetooth… I was an old man in a rocking chair. “It’ll never catch on… just like rock & roll and penicillin. When I was a kid, we had to dial phones by pushing buttons! We used a remote control to surf through the 500 channels on OUR 37″ plasma monitors!”
Again, here I am with this thing in my ear. Enjoying the freedom of no wires. I would spend ample time shredding wires, 2.5″ and 3.5″ connections to make a phone call with my headset. It has made me embrace the Bluetooth. (Bluetooth… named after a king, Harald Bluetooth King of Denmark and Norway.) I soon realized that I could use it for many things. For the PC, for my iPod… all sorts of patiently acquired electronics. So why not have a device that is multipurpose? It was a solid decision based on facts and much furrowing of the brow.
All in all, a wise decision.

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