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    minus one

    nudges of the shoulderjokes made understood by only onebrotherly butnot brothersslaps on the backholding them upin the worst times the comraderydulls withdecisions madethe ease of ithurts the bondbacks turnedin a momentof blind pride hard as it ever wasbrotherly bondgoneit tears one apartas he walks the woundopen never seeing the huddlethat he leavesor the life the otherbrethren held him tonot just his fraternitybut his home so hard was theabandon for themhe never knewthe feelings spenton the one that left all for oneas the threeshould beone takes hisworld for grantedcompromisenot neededfor the lostor for the proud jjay–

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    anger and weakness

    memories of mewhen i was happieri was someonethey all knew my nameall cowered in my shadow it was me they fearedthe gaze i sent throughtheir weak soulsleaving deep holesof confusion andpain i grinnedthe fear and hatemade me strongthey all ranno one was safe memories of mewhen i was happieri was someonethey all knew my nameall cowered in my shadow in my fistspure anger and torturethey will cower againat my deep wantondestruction i terrified myselfwith all that i kept inmy fists relaxthe rage stopsit all seems unreal memories of me when i was happier i was someone they all knew my name all cowered in my shadow i sit in my…

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    goodbye old man…

    my mom comes by the house this morning, and notices that my cat has a tooth jutting out of his mouth. we had noticed that his mouth had started to elvis on one side. but we just figured it was him and his old age. his breath was worse these days. that was a bad sign. we knew that he could not eat without his canine tooth (i called it a feline tooth in a moment of deflection)and that his quality of life would continue to decline. so we called the vet, and asked to come in to see her. so we crammed and pushed him into the small dark…

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    the dance of men

    bruises and heat clenched teeth white hot fists frenzied mind pain shaking so hard it hurts to think eyes blur in the rage crunching jaw lungs breathe pure hate pink and purple tender and red body soaking in the love of the dance the rush intoxicates it brings clarity and instinct lust and hate it feeds on the survival growing power from the blur of red and white hot fists