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    Banana boxesfilled with booksand journalssit outside the door Garbage bagsstretched thinwith clothesand twisted hangers Dusty framesoff of the wallin a twisted towerthey lay Ready for the jumpdivots in the carpetholes in the wallsempty closets It will all make sensesooneven if it’s confusingand new They cry for their lifethey smile for the newthey hold handsand journey ahead.

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    I read a book!

    I bought ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ by David Sedaris on the advice of a Barnes and Noble employee. I never talked to this person, but their name was Robin and it was one of her Picks of the Week. I pictured Robin walking the shelves and plucking this book from the shelf and embracing it. Reading it from cover to cover during her lunch break, raising an eyebrow and giving a succinct impromptu review. I could see the other names of employees that had chosen books… their names attached to philosophy books (Enid), photography of still life (Stanley), and a manual about grooming your poodle (Martha). All lofty goals…

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    Bluetooth. New Page.

    I was one of those that would profess to never purchase a Bluetooth for my phone. “I don’t want to be THAT guy that walks around with a tiny thing attached his ear- talking to himself in thin air and ignoring everyone around me.” Yet, here I am at the computer with a dark blue, shiny, blue LED flashing piece of splendid gadgetry glued to my ear. It’s convenient and small. It works with my media player. I can voice dial by pressing one button. I am sure that later, when I am used to it, I will walk out the door without my phone. My brain will register that…