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    radiant witunbridled lustamazing humorglowing beauty.her. she cries every dayshe can’t sleepher anger and painis heard throughthe distances. he listensand cries for herhis heart sinksand meltsin the same breath. they closetheir eyes and listenhopewish. she keeps himsteadyevery dayradiantand beautiful. soon the daysand nights willbe completeas it shouldalways have been. the tears endand the smilesare biggerand the heartsknowwhat they needed.j-

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    This might turn into a habit.

    My daily Wikipedia browsing took me to the ‘Comics’ portal. I read ‘Blankets’ a long while back, and noticed it listed among the graphic novels. I read that Craig Thompson had written it to put on paper the feeling of laying next to someone for the first time. I would agree with others in saying that he succeeded. I thought of the first time I was in love… laying with someone. Hearing her heartbeat, feeling her chest rise and fall under my arm… contentment. I’d never even had sex with her. I put my head in her lap. She sang to me, ran her fingers through my hair, and just…

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    dot net.

    grungyparadigm.net was easy to buy from godaddy.com. doing the whole dns setup and all that mess was easy too. although, i’d like to have a real honest site that i coded myself. but, i’m an unmotivated cheap sob who doesn’t want to pay to have a site hosted. so until i decide to crunch some code and do all that, here it is. the unofficial grungyparadigm.net. not that anyone ever looks here. bah. i have it on good authority that .net is cooler than .com… it’s dotnettastic. grungy-In a dirty, rundown, or inferior condition: grungy old jeans.paradigm-1. One that serves as a pattern or model.2. A set or list of…

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    wow. snow.

      snow. i won’t discuss the snow. it’s there. it’s wet and white and cold. so very cold. i am sure there are a multitude of snow and winter blog entries that no one ever reads. so i won’t contribute to the wasted bandwidth. oh, but i sure have done just what i set out not to do. like stubbing your toe in the dark. you don’t intend on jamming your toe into the credenza, but you sure as hell do.   old men from other states up north will tell us texans stories that seemed to come from the worst survival movies.”oh, this is nothing. you should have seen…