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    i was going to wait to write about my birthday on the actual day, but i decided to get it out of the way. the day will come and go, and i will not be changed in mind, body, soul, spirit, or outlook. i will go out to eat with the parents, i will open some gifts, some mediocre fanfare, and the day will end. the birthday cake will be in front of me, i will blow the now 28 candles on the frosted goodness, and close my eyes and wish for: wealth fame love happiness all that other stuff we all do it. we all wish for these things…

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    early morningmy legs numband steelyfrom the abnormalvigilimmense and placidmy gaze is the sameopen or closedmy blind eyesdarting for a glimpsea huea shadea colorfolded armsworn gray warmthpulled over my bonehard fingersshufflingfeeling for anythingbut the darknessmy world isin front of meif i only knewwhich way to standturnand walk coldly jj-

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    the wind invites my stridepushing my heelsagainst the worldarms spreadfingers hardand clenchedgazing throughthe dark greenmy heart liftsdigging heelslighter beneath mepiercing pale bluedeafening screechrushing past my earsopening my fingerstouching the open worldin the cloudsthe haze belowthe blackness abovefeet free from the worldmind untethered from the earth